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Welcome to the reviews section. Here, I and others take unbiased looks at video games, old and new. All of these are sorted by the date of review to keep them in order, and will be updated once new reviews are posted. Games are reviewed using a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being "unplayable" and 10 being "a masterpiece" - originally the site used a "recommendation system" that rated games based on how I would recommend them, however the system was too vague and didn't make a whole lot of sense, so it has instead been replaced with an easy-to-learn numerical system.

If you're interested in writing a review, select "Contact" at the top and write me a message about it. I hope these reviews provide some sort of entertainment, and hopefully encourage you to play some of these games yourself. Happy reading!

Review List
# Name Platform Developer(s) Publisher Release date Review date Reviewer Score
1 Nintendo Puzzle Collection GameCube Intelligent Systems Nintendo 2003.02.07 2019.06.07 NKD n/a
2 Classic NES Series: Xevious
Game Boy Advance Namco Nintendo 2004.02.14 2019.06.28 NKD n/a
3 NebulasRay
Arcade Namco Namco 1994.03 2019.10.05 NKD 7/10
4 Pac-Attack
SNES Namco Hometek Namco 1993.06.15 2019.10.06 NKD 8/10

Last updated 2019.10.05